Paul Downs

Photo by Paul Downs.

Paul Downs is a self-taught artist currently based in southeast Georgia.  Having seen much of the country with his family when he was younger he spent his teens and early adulthood in first the San Diego area and later in the Seattle region of the Northwest.  He enjoys experimenting, learning and challenging himself artistically with multiple styles and mediums that include oil, acrylic and watercolor  as well as graphite.   Many times he will mix these mediums to create a particular effect.


Growing up he was a huge fan of comics, graphic novels, animation and commercial art.  Inspired by artists like Frank Frazetta, Jeff Jones, Bernie Wrightson, John Berkey, N.C. Wyeth and Howard Pyle.  He was drawn to more graphic and illustration styled work and this inspiration from these artists gave him a sense of storytelling and design which he brings to his art.


Paul is a member of Arts on the Coast in Bryan County Georgia and currently serves on its board as a vice president.  He participates in multiple yearly shows with Arts on the Coast and he displays many of his low country themed works at Way Station Coffee Co., located in Richmond Hill GA.


“Each painting is unique and I approach each from a design aspect as well as a learning experience.  I strive to create a structure that best reflect the creativity, story or emotional context I’m hoping to convey or, in the case of a commission, what the client is looking to experience visually or emotionally.”-Paul Downs